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Best Fantasy Football Draft Strategy (2008)?

I’m an owner in a 12 team PPR league hosted by I hold the 3rd overall pick (22, 27, 43, 51, etc…)

Of course I’m looking for value in each round. But what is your take/recommendation on the 2008 fantasy season and the positions (or players) that will be available in each round?

What’s the best strategy to use for fantasy survival football?

Choose one NFL team to win each week. You can’t choose the same team to win in following weeks.

What would be a better strategy for 12/13th pick in a 12 man fantasy football draft?

I was thinking either grabbing two good running backs, like Darren Mcfadden/Michael Turner/Frank Gore kinda guys, or 2 top receivers like Roddy White/Calvin Johnson/Greg Jennings. I know I could grab one of each, But I would rather do one of these two strategies. Any help?

What is a good strategy for going into the final week of fantasy football?

Should i start picking up 2nd string players?
this is not a head-to-head league, its the one with total cumulative points.

What’s your strategy for fantasy football? also any sleeper picks this year?

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy HELP. 2 QB’s …. RODGERS, MANNING, BREES?

What do you think of this Draft Strategy-

I have the 10th pick out of 10 teams. I am looking to take a QB first round. I am not sold on any of the Running Backs that are left for my pick in the 2nd round.

So heres my idea-
Draft another QB. I will most likely end up getting 2 of the 3: Rodgers/Brees/Peyton Manning.

Then I trade one of them for a top 5 Running Back that was taken before me in the 1st round. Cause I figure that at least 2 of the teams that drafted a top RB will be stuck with guys like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, or Donnivan McNabb as their starting QB (who are good NFL players but arent fantasy studs). Then I will be able to trade Rodgers/Brees/Peyton Manning for Rice/MJD/Turner.

I would end up with a Top 3 QB and Top 5 RB eventhough the running back wasnt available for me to draft.

What do you think?


Well I had my draft yesterday and went a little different route than most, what do you think of my team based on my strategy/Good, bad, or am I just an idiot for going heavy on the WR’s? Thanks in advance

10 Team H/H League

QB: Jay Cutler
RB: R. Rice
RB: M. Lynch
WR:Andre Johnson
WR:Greg Jennings
TE: J. Witten
KK: M. Crosby
DEF: Pittsburgh DDDD
IDP: Julius Peppers

RB’S= R.Mendenahll, D. Sproles, E. James, T. Hightower
WR’S= T. Holt
TE’S = K.Boss

Thanks for your input!!!!!!!!!!!!
no im not drafting with rich or daniel

Anyone have a strategy on a 10 starter Fantasy Football League?

I am going into a 1QB 2RB 1 RB/WR 3WR 1 TE 1DEF 1 K and 8 Bench players league on ESPN. The RB and WR position throws me off a bit because there are so many. Do you guys have any strategies on how to draft with lots of RB and WR on a team?

What should my strategy be for fantasy draft rounds 1-8 this year for fantasy football?

What should my draft strategy be for a 16 team fantasy football league?


1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB , 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF

Passing TD’s = 4 points

RB and WR TD’s = 6 points